Sunday, 8 August 2010

August is the Sunday of Summer

Day 26 - Freaking out internally....Round 2 of Seraphene and it seems to be pushing things back even further.  Ovulated on day 16 this time.  I wish I wish I wish....will wishing make it true? Tick tick tick....can you hear it?  Just the crocodile in Peter Pan.

For the first time ever, I actually cancelled plans to stay home and attend appointments and make babies.  I seriously pissed off a bunch of people.  I guess that means I've officially crossed over from concerned to obsessive-compulsive about having a 2nd child.  Oh they smell so good!  I was playing with my cousin's son Aidan yesterday.  He's just divine.  And every fibre of my being goes berserk whenever small children come around.

My favourite thing (NOT) is when people tell me that if I just relax, then it will happen.  I'm stressed out just thinking about whether or not I'm losing my mind!  Tim is being very good about the whole thing and hasn't once commented on the fact that I have a project on the go in every room of the house and none of them are  finished yet.  He's never once complained about the fact that I can't just make a batch of muffins....I have to make 4 batches at once.  We are swimming in raisin bran muffins right now.  I think he gets that keeping ridiculously busy helps me to not think about other things like babies.  Except that now there are only 12 days left in the summer before I go back to work and the house is a disaster.  It is unpacked, it is partially painted but the projects must come to an end.  Back to school...August truly is the Sunday of the summer.