Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Round 2

So defeat came on day 27...the visit from Aunt Martha was 5 days earlier than my cycle sans Seraphene, but I was sooo psyched up about those 2 eggs that I was really devestated this time.  Some months are much harder than others, and as usual, it's because of my level of expectation.  The more hopeful I am, the more depressed I am afterwards.  I drank a lot and gardened a lot but I'm still feeling worn out by this journey.  I'm already well into the next cycle and Tim and I will need to get on it this week, but right now I'd rather curl up in the cold cellar than get with my man.  It's hard to feel sexy when you feel inadequate.

Somehow I need to get out of this funk before the ovulation window.  Hopefully my hormones will kick in.  

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Dropped a couple of eggs

Well the school year has come to an end and I am no longer JUST a teacher.  I'm officially the teacher-librarian of ODSS.  Crazy.  I'll admit there were some pretty strong emotions in teaching my last drama and media arts classes but I'm already discovering a new energy for my own creative outlets.  (more on that as they develop)

We also moved into our new house in Elora, so if you've missed the regular blogging....I apologize.  I'm on the summer track now, so I'm hoping to get back on track.

Today's visit to the Mississauga ISIS clinic meant that I, on day 17, was hoping that I had ovulated.  It's my first cycle on Seraphene and it's supposed to help me ovulate earlier and prolong the luteal phase.  I was consistently ovulating each month a single egg but on day 21 so my doctor's theory is that even if I'm conceiving, the phase between ovulation and implantation isn't long enough.  If that luteal phase isn't long enough then the lining can't become lush enough for implantation.

So now on the Seraphene, I  had 6 follicles growing at once!  Unbelievable!  2 of them reached maturity and I dropped those eggs sometime in the last 24 hours.  I think it was about 4 a.m. last night because I woke up with sharp pains and lots of pressure. So I'm hopeful....which is such a nice place to be.

Double Thyroid - Woo hoo!

When I was pregnant with Max, my hair was lush and full, my skin was moist and I glowed. Then when Max was born, my thyroid level plummeted and my lovely skin and hair were gone.

Dr. Jong, at the fertility clinic, says my thyroid level is at the highest end of normal so has doubled my dosage. Side effects include a feeling of invincibility (similar to when I was on Prednisone), my eczema is completely cleared up, my hair is radiant, and right now I have mood and energy highs and lows. On the high days I have the strength of 10 men and on the low days I have trouble lifting my spoon to my mouth.

Things are becoming more balanced every day but it is is a true trip.